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LIP – The Leadership Impact Program

Customized coaching for positive change and professional success.

customized coaching-leadership-coaching-chris-march-serves-supports-new-or-experienced-leadersRead My LIP

Welcome to the Leadership Impact Program (LIP), customized coaching designed for sustainable personal growth and professional success.

Leadership coaching offers many benefits. This specialized coaching program equips leaders, executives, and emerging talent with tools for success. From establishing your leadership style, navigating today’s workplace challenges, to achieving a growth mindset, the Leadership Impact Program is customized to each individual.

We will work together to identify your challenges and career goals through thoughtful reflection, inspired by deep questioning and results-driven processes. You will receive your customized program plan to set actionable goals and in-depth coaching sessions to learn how to leverage your strengths, develop new ones, fill in the gaps and capitalize on your opportunities

The LIP will empower you to achieve by gaining an understanding of yourself as you progressively exceed your objectives. With the LIP, you will gain invaluable insights, thought-provoking self-awareness, and enhanced skills necessary in all aspects of successful leadership and life.

From 20 years experience in leadership roles and as a Certified Leadership & Executive Coach, through active listening, open communication and genuine passion for people and my work, it is my purpose to invest myself in you.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Now is the time to see actual results and experience positive and lasting change.

LIP Service – About the Leadership Impact Program

I believe that everyone should have a coach. A coach is someone who specializes in helping people be the best version of themselves. All professional athletes, even the top performing ones have coaches, as do most successful entrepreneurs.

As your coach, I am in your corner. This means I will be there to support you and provide accountability between the sessions via email and text. You’ll be able reach out to me directly whenever you need to.

We will have a total of ten sessions, 60 minutes each, but you will also be doing some work between those sessions. We will discuss some agreed-upon goals and assignments throughout the program, and you’ll be responsible for committing to those between each coaching session.  And I will hold you accountable for the strategies you have chosen to commit to.

What’s included in The LIP:

• Introduction and goal-setting coaching session to set objectives and discuss schedule and process.
• Ten, 60-minute coaching sessions.
• All sessions are to be booked within three months to deliver the best results, with sessions held weekly to bi-weekly.
• Email and phone support between coaching sessions.
• Short and long-term goal setting.
• Topic-appropriate material and application exercises to support your transformation.
• One month after program completion, a 30-minute reflective coaching session to ensure that you achieved your goals.

Ready to take the next step in realizing your goals? Contact Chris March Coaching today.