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7 Popular Leadership Styles (and 7 Ways to Find Yours.)

Become a better leader by understanding your own leadership style. What is it that you do to provide direction, foster communication, implement actions, and motivate people? Throughout our professional lives, we have likely encountered various leadership styles. From those dreaded, breathing-down-your-neck micromanagers to, if we are lucky, inspiring managers who recognize individual strengths in relation…

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What is imposter syndrome? 6 tips to identify and defeat it.

What do Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, and Michelle Obama have in common? Yes, they are all successful and talented changemakers. But like many other high-achievers, they cited feeling like they did not deserve the accolades they received. They all suffered from imposter syndrome. Leadership studies reveal that this phenomenon is not only more common than you may think, those who identify with it are often the last people you might expect.

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Chris March Coaching - Burnout -

How Coaching Can Help Prevent Leadership Burnout

In today's competitive global marketplace, coupled with challenging current events, organizations need leaders who can pivot quickly and find positive solutions. This is in addition to the conventional expectations of their roles like goal-setting, and stakeholder and employee management. With all of these pressures, leadership burnout is happening at a unprecedented rate. Addressing & Preventing…

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