How Coaching Can Help Prevent Leadership Burnout

In today’s competitive global marketplace, coupled with challenging current events, organizations need leaders who can pivot quickly and find positive solutions. This is in addition to the conventional expectations of their roles like goal-setting, and stakeholder and employee management. With all of these pressures, leadership burnout is happening at a unprecedented rate.

Addressing & Preventing Leadership Burnout


Being a role model is even more difficult for today’s leaders, who are constantly under the watchful eye of stakeholders to the scrutiny of even more eyeballs on social platforms. There is so much more at stake when it comes to managing expectations under a microscope.

In a Globe & Mail article about leadership burnout, companies are facing unprecedented physical, emotional, and mental health problems in the workforce, brought on by the pandemic. As we move out of it, the impact it has made still lingers and both companies and employees are seeking ways to reduce fatigue and burnout while increasing attention and motivation. 

Although that was Canadian news, the phenomenon is global. CNN, among other media outlets, has recently published studies about The Great Resignation, where employees cite greater dissatisfaction, and the impact this has on businesses is borderline catastrophic.

Beyond the professional sphere, employees’ home and personal lives suffers too. 

But believe me, it does not have to be all to be doom and gloom. 

Coaching Insights Can Improve Your Outlook


According to a recent Harvard review, years ago, most companies hired a coach to help fix top-tier toxicity. Today, most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers, acting as a sounding board, and leveraging empathy over industry expertise, like a consultant brought in to address specific pain points.

My own experiences the last two years have taught me the importance of multifaceted leaders— those who can act as a mentor and a coach, leading by example and inspiring others when morale was at an all time low . Someone who can mitigate risks and wear different hats in a reduced workforce. 

I was fortunate to have worked for a global organization that repeatedly won corporate culture awards, and my own achievements reflected core values of work life balance and lifting up others in their professional and personal goals.

Individual executives and teams alike today wonder where to even start. 

Unprecedented workplace burnout rates

Knowing the high levels of exhaustion, dissatisfaction, and turnover faced by leaders and employees, coaching today is not so much a luxury but a responsibility. 

Companies should help cultivate up-and-comers, and help good leaders to be great. 

Not only can a coaching style create a happy work environment between employees, but it also helps to build more meaningful relationships with clients and customers. Honest two-way conversations allow you to pinpoint customer or client concerns, as well as express your own ideas to improve your professional relationship.

Ready to equip yourself against burnout, empower your employees, and embark on your leadership journey? I would love to hear from you. Contact Chris March Coaching today.

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