The Top 5 Benefits of Leadership Coaching, Explained

Certified Leadership Coach Chris March discusses leadership coaching benefits and their necessity for today’s economy and tomorrow’s leaders. 

Whether you are a new manager, a seasoned executive or a budding businessperson, the guidance of a leadership coach can help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and set you on the path for success. 

Leadership Coaching Benefits 

The benefits of leadership coaching are boundless, yet at the same time can lead to measurable results favorable for a spectrum of professionals, from junior managers, start-up entrepreneurs to C-suites.

The fact that you are here shows that you are interested in learning what leadership coaching can do for you, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • revamping your corporate culture 
  • improving your workplace 
  • strengthening your self-confidence 
  • empowering employees 
  • developing high performance achievers 
  • inspiring impactful leaders 

Why We Need Leadership Coaches


I could go on at length about the many reasons why you may need a leadership coach, but here are five key advantages of enlisting a coach.

1. Identify blind spots

A leadership coach is trained to help you identify habits or thoughts that might be limiting your growth. Often, these are psychological blocks you may be unaware of. We may ask you what specific skills you wish to improve on, or where you want to be a certain time from now. This often requires deep reflection, but as you learn what your blind spots are, self-awareness and emotional intelligence develop. A good coach will guide you through this process, consequently empowering you to create goal-attaining strategies through enhanced self-awareness.

2. Establish accountability

Being a leader is not easy. Motivating employees to be accountable for their work is among its many challenges. Of course, accountability starts with you. Holding ourselves personally accountable for our actions is a form of integrity. It is not always easy however, especially in our busy lives, to demonstrate consistent follow-through. A coach can help you remain accountable for the conditions you set, by helping you proactively establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based) goals. We can also, however, help identify self-talk that relinquishes accountability. For example, blaming others or making up excuses are dangerous mindsets that deter accountability — and your own development.

3. Increase productivity

A 2020 study by the International Coaching Federation revealed a direct correlation between coaching and productivity. One study showed a 778% ROI for organizations that enlisted the expertise of a coach. I personally tell my clients they can expect their investment working with me returned five-fold. Whether it is one-on-one coaching to establish a structure conducive to higher productivity, tackling workplace concerns or team coaching for overall engagement and efficiency, the data shows coaching help increase your business objectives — and your bottom line.

4. Overcome self-limiting beliefs

To overcome the beliefs you have about yourself that are holding you back, you must first identify them. A coach will help you figure out these mental setbacks, encouraging you to acknowledge them and take positive action. Although it is never my coaching style to tell my client what to do, I will offer techniques and tips if the client is open to them, to work on eradicating self-limiting thoughts and replacing them with constructive ones. In turn, as leader you can learn to mentor others to help them on their professional paths.

5. Provide transparency

Transparency is woven into coaching ethics. It is essential for my clients to know this, so we can establish a foundation of trust. Transparency and honesty are also critical for identifying areas for improvement. An effective leadership coach is committed to providing clear direction. By taking action today, we can avoid problems snowballing tomorrow.

Leadership Coaching Benefits: As Unlimited As Your Potential

The advantages to working with a coach go beyond the five main ones I listed here: identifying blind spots, establishing accountability, increasing productivity, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and providing transparency.

Clients often provide very similar feedback: their takeaways from our sessions were not only helpful in their professional lives, but personally too. Whether it is improved communication with a loved one, or getting out of a rut that fear or self-doubt had them stuck inside.

What I have learned as a leadership coach has helped me develop and grow in other aspects of my life, and as your coach I would be committed to seeing the same happen for you.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the benefits of leadership coaching. 

Still unsure about investing in coaching? I invite you to a complimentary strategy call with me to determine if it is a professional fit for you. Contact me at

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